to my fellow diablo 3 widows…

to my fellow diablo 3 widows…

To my fellow Diablo III widows (you know who you are)

Nothing says “I love you” like freshly-baked cookies in the middle of a 5-hour gaming marathon


Widow No. 3,221,805

p.s.  on the upside, I now have plenty of time to dedicate to my artisan ice cream adventures.  Here’s what we’re swirling up tomorrow…

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2 Responses to to my fellow diablo 3 widows…

  1. VickiVovo says:

    Teehee, thanks for the mention :)

    They look delicious – he sounds like a lucky man! I was just about to head off to the shops to get some baking supplies myself – I’m thinking he’ll love chocolate brownies…

    Widow No. 4,377,398

  2. Tiffy says:

    I love this! So awesome. #diablowidow

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