recipe – clover ‘wiches… dark chocolate mint chip ice cream sandwiches

recipe – clover ‘wiches… dark chocolate mint chip ice cream sandwiches

There are several major inventions in human history worth celebrating.  The camera.  The computer.  The light bulb.  Penicillin.   But none more exciting than the invention of hand-held ice cream.

Hand-held ice cream:  it’s ice cream… that you can hold in your hand.  Need I say more?

We’ve had some really cool innovations in hand-held ice cream in the past century.  The cone, of course, was the original pioneer.  Then came the popsicle, the very unique and game-changing mochi ice cream, and, my personal favorite, the ice cream sandwich.

Ice cream sandwiches are a food-pairers dream.  Snickerdoodle & vanilla, dark chocolate & mint, lemon & ginger, pretzel & dulce de leche… the possibilities are endless.  They’re also one of my favorite desserts for dinner parties – you can make them in advance in a wide range of flavors and they turn everyone into a kid, instantly.  When someone hands you a miniature ice cream sandwich, you can’t help but smile.

For our St. Patty’s day party, mint chip ice cream was a natural choice, but I wanted a clover-shaped dark chocolate cookie to give it a little holiday spirit.  They don’t sell these kind of cookies at the market (why can’t grocery stores read my mind to satisfy all my bizarre cooking whims?), but fortunately, I found a great recipe online and we were off to the races.

Clover ‘Wiches


  • 1 batch chocolate sugar cookies, cut into clover shapes: I used the Joy of Baking recipe
  • Mint chip ice cream
  • Sprinkles

For the chocolate sugar cookies, I won’t rehash the recipe since the original link does a great job.  But I will offer a few tips:

  1. Measure everything in grams (instead of just relying on a cup measurement).  You’ll get much happier and more consistent results.
  2. Make sure your dough is very cold before you roll it – this will prevent it from sticking to the counter.  Every time you cut out a batch, ball up the dough and refrigerate it again.  It helps to separate the dough into a few batches so that you can alternate between them.
  3. Refrigerate the cookie sheets (with the cut cookie dough on them) for at least 20 minutes before baking.  The colder they are, the more they’ll hold their shape when baking.
  4. If you have a convection oven, use it (reduce heat to 325 degrees F), the cookies will cook much more quickly and evenly.  Mine averaged around 8 minutes per batch.
  5. Lick the bowl.  The dough is quite yummy.

For the ice cream sandwiches:

Set out ice cream at room temperature to soften.  Line a 9×13 glass baking pan with parchment paper or heavy duty aluminum foil, leaving several inches overhang on the sides.  Spread ice cream into the pan, about 1″ thick.  Freeze pan for 1 hour to harden ice cream completely.

Line a cookie sheet with foil.  Remove ice cream from freezer and lift parchment paper to remove ice cream from pan.  Using a clover cookie cutter, cut out ice cream into clover shapes, place them on the foil-lined cookie sheet and return to the freezer for about 15 minutes.

To assemble sandwiches, place one ice cream clover in between two cookies and press lightly to seal.  Add sprinkles to the sides if desired.

You can make these up to two days in advance – store them in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil.

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