my sweet little valentines

my sweet little valentines

OK, OK I admit it… I love Valentine’s Day.  When else do you have a whole day to celebrate sweetness & love, showering your honey-bunnies with flowers, homemade cards, pastries and sugar galore?

Boys, I have learned, do not share this fascination.

Lucky for me, I have two super-sweet and super-crafty girls to indulge my Valentine’s Day affections.  The Sunday before V-Day, we put on the yummiest little party you could imagine, transforming the kitchen table into a pink sugary paradise.

While I was busy in the kitchen, Sam put together the prettiest table decorations.  She thought up the heart-strung garland over the table and proceeded to cut out no fewer than 65 hearts, all by hand!  Accented with rose garlands, rose petals, an ungodly amount of doilies, and our handmade valentines, the room took on a homey sweetness that had me on a sugar high all day (we still have the heart garland up, it’s too pretty to take down!).

We made pink mini cupcakes, pink rice crispy treats, tea sandwiches, pesto pinwheel pastries, mini caprese salad bites, and berries with vanilla bean whipped cream.  Everything was bite-sized for extra cuteness.  Cuz that’s how girls roll.

The day before, we created homemade Valentine’s Day cards, which I haven’t done in decades!  The February issue of Martha Stewart Living gave us great inspiration for the pop-up card and lock-and-key card, and we carried the heart garland theme onto the lower right one.

Like all holidays, Valentine’s Day is ten times more fun with family, and I’m so lucky to have the little Resnicks to help me celebrate!

Next up… St. Patty’s!

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4 Responses to my sweet little valentines

  1. Cat says:

    LOVE the heart garland, Sam! So cute. Rosie, this is darling. I’m spending St. Patty’s in Chicago, can’t wait to send you pics of the green-dyed river!

  2. Ani says:

    This is sooo cute. My girls are 2 and I’m excited about future V-day fun.

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