mother’s day brunch

mother’s day brunch

Josh & I invited our moms (and dads and siblings) over for a sweet little Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday.

I’ve been having lots of fun with my Farmer’s Market “cook one new thing a week” challenge (see: Chiogga Beets, Nopales), and this week I picked fresh, in-the-shell sweet peas.  It seemed appropriate for Mother’s Day, since peas are the pregnant women of the vegetable world.

Shelling peas is bizarrely fun, like popping bubble wrap.  It’s also fascinating because every time you break open a shell, you get to discover how many babies are in the pea’s litter.  Four.  Three.  Five.  Seven! (fertile pea).  I could never work in a pea-shelling factory because I’d get too distracted collecting little green pea families.

(in case you did know, peas are really fun to photograph)

So, what to do with my bowl of freshly-shelled peas besides photograph them?

I was inspired by a class Josh & I took at Surfas where we made pasta with peas & prosciutto.  Super easy, super flavorful.  So I boiled some farfalla, crisped up some proscuitto and sauteed the peas with a little olive oil, shallots, and garlic.  Toss it all together with parmesan reggiano and a little lemon zest and it tasted fresh & lovely.  I don’t think I can ever go back to frozen peas again (except maybe for icing a sprained ankle).

In addition to the pasta, we put together a really yummy spread… definitely our best brunch to date.  And Josh’s mom brought over the most beautiful wildflowers that they picked right in front of their house that morning (note to self: go on a 5am raid of the canyon with shears in hand).

Our Mother’s Day menu:

The salmon was one of my faves and really quick to prep – plus, it cooks in under 10 minutes (love that).  We’re so lucky to have Santa Monica Seafood so close by… it’s a fish-lovers playground.  Seriously, I have dreams about this place (I’ll do a full post on SMS when we do our seafood BBQ in a few weeks).

Strawberries were running rampant at the farmer’s market on Saturday so I bought a couple flats knowing Sam would eat one and we could use the other one for dessert.  I had some leftover cake batter after making the cupcakes, so I popped a 9″ square pan in the oven, cut the cake up into 4 squares, and made two mini strawberry layer cakes.  The whipped cream frosting kept it light & airy and we served it with a bunch of fresh strawberries on the side (we can pretend this is healthy, like the banana bread).

The cupcakes, on the other hand, could never pretend to be healthy.  There are two sticks of butter and 3 cups of powdered sugar in the frosting alone.  And that’s why they’re so delicious.

Note to my future self:  committing to three different frosting colors is a pain in the boot.  Buy more pastry bags or just settle on one color.

And to our wonderful, beautiful mothers… we love you, Happy Mother’s Day!

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7 Responses to mother’s day brunch

  1. Catherine says:

    this made me miss you! so sweet and gorgeous. love the strawberry cake , yummy!!

    • Casa Resnick says:

      I miss you too! I briefly thought about photoshopping your head into the picture but it just wasn’t filling the void. :)
      can’t wait till you come out to Cali again so we can all see you… the kids really miss you too!

  2. Beth Partin says:

    Good pictures, Rosie, especially the one at the end. She looks like she just got her hair done.

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  5. leslie says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog via google and absolutely LOVE all of your recipes!! I can’t wait to try them all. Keep it up!

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