hot air ballooning in temecula

hot air ballooning in temecula

Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder what life would be like without Groupon.

I never would have gone to the indoor trampoline park or tried zumba.  I wouldn’t have the distinct pleasure of spending 30 minutes at The Body Shop while they try to figure out how to give me the 3-for-2 deal AND redeem my Groupon.  And I certainly wouldn’t have a life-size remote-controlled flying inflatable shark.

In other words, life would be just a smidge less shiny.

Josh and I do a lot of Groupon dates.  In fact, they should probably create a commercial starring us, because we’ve done just about every random Groupon adventure imaginable.  Parkour.  Paddleboarding.  Parasailing.  Pizza-making.  That’s just the P’s!

A few weeks ago we drove down to Temecula for yet another excursion… hot air ballooning.  It was a brutal awakening – we started at 5:30am and a butt-cold-freezing 30 degrees F (have you ever tried to shoot photos in your boyfriend’s leather man gloves?  not easy).   Fortunately, our method of transport came with a portable fireplace and we warmed up quickly.  Our pilot fired up the jets and we were off..

Our balloon lifted right alongside the sunrise and within 15 minutes, we had a perfectly bright spring morning.  I wonder if the people who crashed the day before felt as carefree as we did in that moment (for better or worse, we didn’t hear that somewhat important piece of news until after the flight as we were driving home).

The view from a hot air balloon is a lot like the last 2 minutes of an airplane flight… the whole world is in miniature.  Fortunately the Temecula valley provides a lot of interesting little details to savor, from bee farms to super-tacky McMansions.

We originally planned to spend the day in Temecula and check out some of the wineries after our flight.  We asked the pilot what wines the area was known for and he said, and I quote, “pineapple champagne.”  Mmmmhmmm.  Got it.  We’ll stick with the hot air ballooning and drink wine when we get home.

Next up… parasailing with the kids in Catalina!

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