happy birthday to an amazing woman-mom-wife-grandmother-friend

happy birthday to an amazing woman-mom-wife-grandmother-friend

Shabbat Sundays are always more fun when we’re celebrating someone’s birthday.  In this case, it was a party for Rheta, Josh’s mom, who is by far the most gorgeous, youthful and vibrant 77-year-old you will ever meet.  She’s also an amazing soul and someone I feel so lucky to know… Happy Birthday Rheta, we love you so much!

This menu had some of our tried-and-true faves, including the pot roast and the mint lava cake:

We had 12 people over to celebrate with Rheta (7 adults, 5 kids) and it was fairly quick to pull everything together.  One exception – homemade potato chips.  When you discover that one person can eat a whole cookie sheet of them in 30 seconds (they are small, crunchy and addictive), you have to make a lot.  Before you know it, you’ve spent a couple hours making 300 chips that get eaten in 5 minutes.  Somehow, it’s worth it!

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