easter 2012 – look what the bunny dragged in

easter 2012 – look what the bunny dragged in

We had big plans for our Easter party this year.  I can’t reveal everything, other than that it involved live bunnies (not in that way!  freak) and a new pet kitten.  Unfortunately, the time to book a bunny petting zoo is not 3 days before Easter.  Fortunately, we WILL have bunnies in 2013 and kittens are still on the way for 2012.

I have super-fond memories of Easter, mostly because my mom was the greatest Easter basket maker of all time.  Seriously, these things were legendary.  Her grass and candy strata went six layers deep with every type of pastel sweet you could possibly imagine.  It was better than Halloween.  If I didn’t fall into a diabetic coma by the end of the day, I clearly wasn’t trying hard enough.

Being on the creation end for the first time, I suddenly realized the appeal of making awesome Easter baskets: taste testing all the candy.  A ha!  So that’s what mom was up to.

Great big Easter egg hunts are a bit of a tradition in the Resnick family.  But now that the kids are older, we had to step it up.  This wasn’t just an Easter egg hunt, it would be an Easter egg-venture(TM).

Here’s what we had in our larder:

  • 5 kids
  • 7 grown-ups
  • 60 candy eggs
  • 10 “golden eggs” (with a $1 gold coin inside)
  • 15 “rotten eggs” which were filled with uncooked rigatoni noodles and a very special challenge for the finder

We hid the eggs in extra difficult places and send the kiddies off to gather.

30 minutes later (guess we hit them too well?), everyone gathered to pop open the eggs and discover their “rotten egg” fate.  And this is where the grown-ups get to have fun.  Making kids do ridiculous and embarrassing things purely for our amusement.  Among the rotten egg challenges were the following:

  1. Put peanut butter on your face and let Teddy lick it off
  2. Blindfolded, take something out of the refrigerator and eat it (poor Sophie touched chocolate sauce, raspberry jam and orange juice before finally settling on a stick of butter… have you taken a bite of a stick of butter blindfolded?  it brings you back to reality pretty fast)
  3. Choose someone to make you a “special” dish and feed it to you (Zach mixed Sriracha sauce, raw garlic, strawberries and soy sauce… it’s miracle Elan didn’t puke on the spot)
  4. Eat one piece of Teddy’s dog food (Elan took it like a champ!)
  5. Jump into the pool fully dressed (Sam took it up a notch by catching a frisbee on her way in)
  6. Demonstrate your best dance moves wearing a bra (save these photos for Zach’s wedding!)

Elan got the short end of the stick with more than 3 disgusting food challenges alone.  He was the best sport about it and we now have our family’s official nominee for Fear Factor.  Seriously Elan, I have a whole new respect for your iron stomach… you rule!

No Casa Resnick party is complete without a big yummy spread… for brunch we had a bacon & green onion quiche, swedish pancakes, cinnamon rolls, bacon, berries galore, and our family favorite… the “build your own yogurt parfait” bar.

It was a gorgeous Spring day, perfect for frisbee, swimming, and lots of cuddling in the hammock.  Time to start moving our weekends outside!

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