Casa Resnick started as a 2012 New Year’s resolution.  For our holiday gifts later this year, we want to create a family cookbook documenting all our dinners, get-togethers and celebrations. I knew I’d never finish it unless I was writing along the way… hence the blog.

How are we going to fill an entire cookbook?  Well, a few months ago, we started a tradition called Shabbat Sundays – every other Sunday we invite friends & family over for a special meal.  For me, it’s a fun opportunity to try out new recipes and master the art of cooking for 14 people on a regular basis (yes, it gets easier over time!). And for the family, it’s a great excuse to spend quality time together, and of course, eat!

Most “dinner party” cookbooks seem geared towards caterers.  Rarely do they take the time to create practical, oven-to-table, easy to make ahead meals that let the chef spend time with the family.  The ones that are practical are usually filled with casseroles, meatloafs and other drab fare.  For the Casa Resnick cookbook, we wanted the best of both worlds – gourmet food done in a relaxed and easy way.

I hope you enjoy the ride with us, we’d love to hear what you think!  Drop me a line at rosie@casaresnick.com

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