a memorial day to remember…

a memorial day to remember…

It’s been a jam-packed day.

We awoke at 5:30am to get to Marina Del Rey Parasailing by 6:30.  Not on purpose of course.  But this is what happens when you wait till the week before your Living Social voucher expires to make a reservation.  We got the literal LAST spot available on their LAST open boat… a 7am flight on Memorial Day.

Josh & I went this past October and had a total blast… we vowed to take the kids the next time they had a group deal.  So all five of us sucked it up, bundled up, and made the early morning trek down to the marina.

Marina Del Rey Parasailing is a FANTASTIC company.  The owner and crew totally remembered us from last time and took great care of us once again.  It’s a really fun outing, they have an awesome sound system on the boat, play great music, and the crew is friendly, funny and extremely experienced.  Highly recommended.

The kids loved it… they were all smiles the whole ride.

Josh & I flew up next, which of course meant it was time for aerial acrobatics.

By 7:30am, we had all been soaring like birds at 800 feet over the Pacific Ocean.  A totally cool way to kick-start summer.  The kids immediately passed out on the boat and slept for the rest of the 45 minute ride.

A couple hours later back at the ranch, we started getting ready for lunch.  This whole thing was meant to be a BBQ – last summer Josh bought me a shiny and most amazing Lynx 36″  – and I’m super eager to use it again.  But unfortunately there’s some sort of broken part situation, so we’ll have to get it fixed and try again for Father’s Day.

Not a problem, indoor grilling it would be.  As usual, I made way too much food:

  • Bacon Truffle Cheeseburgers (we got the ground bacon-beef mix from the “farmer direct to you” dude at the Farmer’s Market… pretty good stuff)
  • Chicken Sausage Dogs
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • Roasted Asparagus with lemon & parmesan
  • Mixed Berry Trifle
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Homemade Maple Bacon Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream with hand-dipped chocolate waffle cones

Since I don’t really eat any of the above except the fruit & veggies, I treated myself to a seared #1 grade ahi filet with a grapefruit & O.J. reduction sauce.  It’s good being the chef.

Dessert was my red-white-and-blue canvas.

I started with the berry trifle, which had white raspberries, red raspberries, blueberries & blackberries, layered with vanilla bean pound cake and fresh vanilla bean whipped cream.

For the ice cream, I took some sugar cones, dipped them in melted dark chocolate and rolled them in red-white-&-blue sprinkles (bonus points if you noticed they’re Hannukah and Valentine’s Day sprinkles mixed together… a little kitchen improv)

Sam and Tasha got the lucky job of taste-testing and hand-modeling!

And the ice cream.  Oh… the $23 quart of homemade ice cream.

I’ve been brainstorming this recipe for a few weeks – it combines all my favorite flavors… caramel, maple, bacon, and dark chocolate, plus a sprinkling of sea salt for good measure.  There are two Vosges Mo’s Bacon bars in it, and that’s just the beginning.

If you eat it, you’ll go straight to hell.  But you’ll be one happy traveler (I’ll post the recipe soon).

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